Spice Export Business: Elaborating the global data and structure of wholesale spice export

wholesale spice export

India is the world’s largest producer, consumer and exporter of spices. With many wholesale spice businesses functioning within the country, it has significantly embarked its presence in the global list as a functional contributor of spices. 

Most of the European countries are importers of spices that mostly come from India and some more Asian countries. So many cuisines are dependent on Indian spices and herbs for flavour. 

Let us take you through the data related to spice cultivation, production and related statistics across the globe.

A glimpse of Spices Export Data and Top Buyer Market!

According to evaluations done in October 2018, the top buyers of Indian spices were China, the US, Hong Kong, Vietnam, UK, UAE, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Srilanka, and Thailand.

During 2017-2018, approximately 10,28,060 tons of spices were exported from India at the cost of rupees 17929.55 crores. Most of these exported spices include Cumin, Turmeric, Cardamom seeds, Spice oils, Garlic and various others. Indian spice wholesale price depends on region, quality, type and brand.

If you are planning to initiate your Wholesale Spice business, Spice Export Board of India and Spice Export Promotion Council of India are the best platforms. 

What are the required documents to start an export spice business?

Here is the list of all important documents and paperwork required before you start exporting spices across the globe:

IEC code – Import Export Certificate

Incorporation Company Form

RCMC – Spice Board

GST- registration of goods and service tax

A trademark to safeguard your brand: A registered trademark

MSME registration

Spices are edible items, which means that they would have to pass through all food testings like a license from FSSAI (Food Safety and Standard Authority of India). It is a mandatory step.

BIS certification

Equipment you would require to set up a spice business:

Heat Sealing Machine





Weighing scale

Spice grinder 

Packaging machine

Overall, India has been doing great business in spices for centuries. These count as great treasures for the country. From various Asian countries extending to the European and Western world, India has been religiously supplying spices to them. 

So, if you have been planning to start a spice business of your own, the above data could be of great help.

“In our ninety years of selling spices, we’ve seen a lot of different things, but the essence has always remained the same. Now, all we have to do is keep the restriction in place until the very end. Food has a consistent flavour regardless of how it is consumed. Over time, we’ve modified the product style and blend, but the excellent quality and flavours have only improved. We offer  wholesale organic spices with authentic taste and essences so that you get the everything in good quality”

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